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Static website building


We are talking about an actual “Showcase” that gathers all the features  necessary to introduce, any firm, business, or commercial activity   to the Web. The customer could not update it.

We are talking about a limited number of web pages that could be updated only by the designer (webmaster.)

The offer includes:

  1. Original, graphics that would be customized according to the firm brand and style after receiving a customer’s advice..
  2. It would consist of, at least, 5 pages (this is the amount that most customers are looking for). Link appearing on front page could be: home, who we are, image gallery, services, contact us ecc…
  3. Optimizing the Site by means of SEO technics for a best indexing of the Website on the top “Search Engines.”
  4. Making your Website visible to the most common browsers.
  5. Register the Website in the most known “Search Engines” (Google, msn, yahoo).

from $480

(instead of $540)

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What is a dynamic website

(managed by yourself)

creazione_siti_web_cuboA CMS build Website  has all the features necessary to put on the line any business, firm, organizzation or else. It has the characteristic that allows the customer  to manage the site contents thanks to a special tool that do not require the customer to be a skilled computer expert.

This offer includes:

  1. Original, customized graphics according to the business brand.
  2. Unlimited amount of “xhtml” pages built according to the W3C standards, It will include the chance to add other pages according to the customer requirements.
  3. Access to you webpage by most common browsers: (Crome, Internet explorer, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc..).
  4. It will be equipped with a “CMS Program”  to self manage it. By means of this “tools”  you will be able to manage the site yourself without any webmaster’s assistance.  You will not be required to know the “Programming Language”. You will be provided with a small “Digital Booklet” with simple instructions on how to use the interface.
  5. By the use of the “SEO” tools we would reach the site optimization in order for your Website to be located into the “Search Engines.”
  6. Website access counter.

from $700

(instead of $800)

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Ecommerce websites building

Ecommerce Website propose saleThe e-commerce pack includes all the tools necessary to sell your products on the net.

Through the control panel you would be able to remove, add or modify any item that you are selling.

Visitors could access each item through category directorate; they would access their specifications, and finally buy them.

Pages specifying your business details and how to reach you (or contact you) will be added.


Your Website will support any form of payment: Money-Transfer, Bank-Bill, Credit Card, Prepaid Card, Paypall…

This offer includes the following:

  1. Original, customized graphics according to the business brand.
  2. Static Webpages dedicated to the business specifications: contacts, profile, privacy…
  3. Structure built on a “control panel” specifically provided for the “Products Managing”. You would also manage the members registered to your Website, your “mailing list,” orders, wharehouse supply etc…
  4. A client’s “Personal Area” in which every customer can take an account of his orders
  5. By the use of the “SEO” tools we would reach the site optimization in order for your Website to be located into the “Search Engines.”
  6. We would register you Website by the best search engines.

from $1480

(instead of $1580)

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Graphic restyling of your Internet site

Have you got a poor graphics Website?

Maybe it is not fitting your business brand?

Are you unhappy with its ability to communicate?

Problem Solved! We can pick up you Website, change it according to you graphic choices, giving it a most trandy, original and endearing appearance.

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Javascript or flash image gallery

Do you want to give your site a touch of class or elegance?

With the numerous “Flash” image galleries you would be able to show your merchandise/products with a touch of class which would render your site very professional, original, and communicative.

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Other services:

Internet sites promotion and indexing

link web marketingWeb Marketing


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