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“Website promotion” means to gather all the strategies and the tools needed to make your Website more visible by the most used search engines. It will cause a larger amount of “clicks” to your Website.

If, after a large amount of work to build a Website, the same it is not surfed by curious customers, that much labor is worthless.

If such Website is not visible or easily linkable on the search engines, that much labor is worthless.

Beautiful and endearing graphics, lots of care lavished on the construction, the tricks applied to attract customers, and sell best offerings will be all worthless.

“Web Design Marketing” requires for the designer to be skilled in the “SEM” and the “SEO”  languages.

Usually we offer an indicative “Base Package” being aware that, anyhow, there is no global solution. Each case is different. Therefore a list of rules is following. These are rules that we apply when establishing a strategy customized on the customer who is looking for enhanced Website visibility:

  1. Knowing the Web Marketing or your reference target. An extensive study will be carried out to find out the KEY words utilized by the potential customers as they surf “Google” to serch  for the products/services you sell.
  2. Competitors extensive evaluation. It is critical for you to know with how many concurrents you would have to compete and who they are. The biggest the competition the visible and enhanced your Website must be.In order to achieve this we will examine the 4 most evident Websites on Google that deal with your merchandise/service. We will try to understand their strengths and weaknesses to establish a winning strategy.
  3. “Article-Marketing”  and  “Link-Building” strategy setting. Ones we find the Google most used key-words related to the same product/Service we public articles and presentations to spread through Websites  (“Article-marketing”   and “Link-building”) highly estimated by Google with links to our Website. Acting this way it would be critical to be original; to propose a professional and a high quality text, but above all, we produce a strategy that will make the customers want to visit your Website; a strategy that  enhances your Web-Store.
  4. Indexing “SEO” technics to optimize  your Website. After identifying the Key-words your Website content will be optimized to gain the best position into Google. This way it will be automatically linkable to the “Key-words” referred before. High quality META TAG will be created. Your Website “TITLE” field text will comply with the strategy of focusing on the WWW most wanted “Key-words.
  5. Results Evaluation. A three month Website Daily (weekly, monthly)  positioning grouth check will be conducted using the chosen Key-words. A report will be provided recording the initial, and final position of your Website into Google.

Take advantage of our offers to promote your Website

We understand that every market requires a different strategy therefore we are reluctant to offer pre-wrapped packages. Anyhow a  list of basic offers is provided to let the customer figure out all the chances she/he has with us.

Offer linkbuilding base

Promo details:

  • 30 visualization in social bookmark
  • 100 account in directory link
  • 60 articles marketing
  • Web pages optimization with SEO technics (read below)*
  • The entire work will last between 10-15 days

Offerta linkbuilding plus

Promo details:

  • 30 visualization in social bookmark
  • 200 account in directory link
  • 160 articles marketing
  • Web pages optimization with SEO technics (read below)*
  • The entire work will last between 20-25 days

* Notare bene: verrà effettuato un inserimento al giorno, quindi se il cliente avrà scelto ad esempio il pacchetto base (10 bookmark + 10 directory link + 10 directory imprese) le operazioni saranno spalmate in un periodo non inferiore a 30 giorni. Tale periodo è necessario per mostrare a Google che sono dei link spontanei e naturali, un numero elevato di inserimenti il giorno potrebbe incorrere a penalizzazione da parte dei motori di ricerca.

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Web marketing

Adwords payonclick campaign

web marketing en

The Google Pay-on-click campaign are advertisement programs that make it possible for the Website to collect a certain guaranteed amount of visits per time frame. 

Visits made by customers interested in the product/service. You obtain it paying Google “per-visit.”

This service is provided by Google adwords, a site on which one can design promotion banners. These banners will be viewed on main pages of “Google search results” based on the Key-words that we chose.

Any time the customer inputs one of the chosen key-words, our announcements will display on top of the screen (first place) highlighted yellow, on first page. The announcement text will urge the  net surfers to click on the banner oto access your Website.

The position on the Google front page could be “highlighted on top” or a little “defilate to the side”. Position on first page may vary according to what we wish to pay.

The price “per-click” we want to pay will be based on the results we want to achieve. 

For example, if your Website wishes to record many-quick visits you would be willing to pay accordingly. Those that are willing to have a larger amount of visits but have a narrow budget would expect to have their banner located  in a more marginal area of the front page. In this case the amount of visits to the Website could be the same but spread on a larger time frame.

Google “Pay-on-click” campaign is the most effective and fast means to acquire customers in the shortest time.

You can take a look of the procedure we adopt to create a “Google pay-on-click campaign:”

  1. Key-word selection for the banner to appear once we place it on Google.
  2. Banner design/advertising announcement to attract visitors. Best matching keywords will be adopted. The text will Intrigue the customers and will urge she/him to click on banner. According to customer’s necessities you would need extra banners for different products.
  3. Establish a daily budget. Many customers are ready to invest a certain amount of money for a limited period of time therefore we can establish to public our announcement only within the budget size. If we establish to invest 150 euro for a commercial campaign and we want it to last for 10 days we will decide to put a 15 euro a day threshold. Google will show our banner all day long until the 15 euros are exhausted.
  4. Cost per click:That stands for the amount of money we are ready to pay per click.

 Through the pay-per-click campaign you are guaranteed visits of customers intrigued by what you sell/offer.


With 150 dollars you can have:

  • 100 targeted* visits within 5-7 days
  • 200 targeted* visits within 20-30 days
  • 300 targeted* visits within 60-90 days

*Targeted” means aimed to your specific product. Infact when the net surfer will input a specific word your banner will be automatically displayed on the Google screen.

Example:   if a sell quartz watches I’ll make sure that my banner will appear only when the surfer inputs in Google a string like “quartz watch sell” or “wrist watch sell.”

This way I’ll make sure that my Website will be visited only by actually interested  people and I would not waste my “Google adwards” credits.

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