Websites creation wiki – a vocabulary for those who are not experts

Here we have a list of difficult terms or not familiar with those who are not into web’s world:

Article marketing

As you promote a Website the “Article marketing” is the SEO text article production process. Its purpose is to promote your activity. Said articles will be published into Goolge relevant “Article marketing directory sites”. It would result into a good visibility of the promoted site.


A Browser is a program utilized by coputers, PDAs, tablets, and cellular phones to view web pages and to connect to the WWW; eg.: Modzilla Firefox, Google Crome, Safari…..

Bookmark Website

“Digg” type bookmarking sites highlight, through proper programming, a selected webtext that we want to share with other customers connected ot our account. The “Bookmarking Website” provide us with applications to install on our browser to allow us a better visibility of the same text and the possibility to share it automatically on our account with no need of direct acces to the “bookmarking website.” The are very useful as you select the Website promotion strategues.


A “CMS” is a program to create Website with a super powerfull “admin interface” thatis very practical also to those who is no familiar with programming language nor computer skills. Web deisgners use them most because they reduce drastically the construction expenses. There are “CMSs” for any requirement. Most common are: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, Opencart. (the last two are mostly u sed for e-commerce.)


The “Directories” are Wbsites that collect other websites link divided by cathegory. They are used extensively by the search engines, therefore having your Website included in such list adds more visibility to it.

Many directories allow to add a profile to the respective Website link in which you can add website function basic information.

They differ from each other. A mostly used directory is the “Firm Directory” which we are going to describe below:

Firm Directory

The “Firm Directories” are portals that collect informations about italian companies once they register. You can add a description of the attivity and a link to your company. The registration is mostly free of charges. The may charge if you ask for extra services.

You would have to add:

1. Activity name

2. Address

3. Taxe code (Partita IVA)


As you promote a Website the “link building” is a process in which you create links into other Websites (outbound) towards yor website to increase the “Page-ranking,” or to improve the Browser positioning.

A Website similar to yours, with a high “PAge Rank,” which is linked to yours will automatically provide more importance to your Website into Google. Equal to “more visit” to your Website.

Search Engine

It is an automated system that correlates all inforation spread throughout the www sites; it logs them in a huge database. Those inofrmation will be made avilable to all the customers who are investigating the web according a required key word.

Optimizing a Website

In order to optimize a website you would have to use all the “SEO” techniques to rise the website positioning into the search engine.

Web page

According to Wikipedia it means “how information is made avialable to the web surfer through a brouser.” It is a collection of pages, all connected by a hypertext, residing into the same server.

Sem e Seo


(Search Engine Marketing) consitutes all the techniques needed to allow a better sell of specific merchandize/service.

The most common SEM activity is the “Payonclick advertisement”. It is specifically described in the “Website promotion” section.


Thic tecnique is used to facilitate the search engine indexing. We are talking about text changes needed to rise the Website positioning. It is when you select the proper keywords to public your website on the net.

Example: if we are talking about an accounting activity I’ll make sure that I’ll put the expression “accounting comapny” in a determinate position and several times inside the Website. this strategy will result in a better position inside the search engines.

Internet site

A collection of web pages residing on the same server connected ot each other by hypertext connections (link.)

Static Website

It is made of a group of interconnected webpages that could be viewed by the surfer without a chance of modification of its contents. There is non database interface to allow the administrator to perform changes.

Sito internet dinamico

The expression is used to identify applications that would interact to show the Website content according to parameters established by the user himself.

Example: The “” site. It allows you to input “place of departure, destination, time of departure and time of arrival”. with all these information it provides you with a real time schedule page. This page is not available on the net but it is dynamically created according ot the custoers requirements.

The main difference between “Static” and a “Dynamic” sita is that the lasto one is equipped with a admistrattion interface able to easy modify the contents without the “programming language” knowledge.

Social network

According to Wikipedia it consists of any user/people group connected together by any social bond. Once you crate your profile you can ask to belinked to a person you know is having his profile activated in the same “Sicial Network.” With her/him you’ll beable to share oictures, messages, music, and anythig is provided byt he Social Network.

Here we provide a list of the most known Social Networks and their main activity.


It is by far the most widespread. It count 900 million suscribers and it is rapidly expanding.

As you open an acount with it you can share pictures, messagges, links to interesting Websites with other suscribers with whom you have things in common. Other contacts are called “Friends.”


It allows its registered users to share with other connected subscribers (said Followers) some links to web pages thet are interesting fot that social group.

It requires registration.

It is probably the secon biggest in the WWW.


Social Network for profesisonals. Once you complete your registration with all the information about your business it allows you to keep in touch with professionals throughout the world .

It can be cosidered any business curriculum vitae.

Through it you can find professional and technical resources as well as sharing yours. You can add links to your site and provide informations about your skills.

It gives you the opportunity to create connections with users who have interests in common with you and thus it would turn into a business promotion chance.

Web master

He is the individual who is responsible for the design, and maintenance of the internet site.

A web agency is made by several assets who contribute to the creation of a website/portal.

– Layout editor

– Programmer

– Assembler

– SEO and SEM specialist

– Designer, planner

– Employer

Based on the company requirement the 6 figures could be covered by the same person.

Web agency

According to Wikiperdia the term was coined to identify firms with a profound knowledge of the WWW.


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