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Websites building

We create “Internet Sites” optimized and sized on search engines. Our sites would have a strong communication as well as visual impact, aimed to your reference target.. Nowadays you can’t start a business without designing and creating a Website that would communicate the actual values of your “Firm Brand”; a Website that would allow you to promote your products; a Website that reveals to the customers the advantages of your business and the services you provide to them.

As we are mainly active in Livorno, Pisa, Florence, Lucca, Grosseto, Rimini and Rome, we actually cover the whole Italian territory.

And thanks to the English language knowledge we are actually able to work with foreign customers.


Static website designing

A Static website is suitable for customers who are having an initial approach to the Web; those who have a limited budget; those who require a little amount of pages and non frequent updates.

It is cheaper than a “Dynamic” Website but it is still providing the most high level of professional performance and communication.

“Static Websites” are created with the purpose of being later expanded. They can be based on a programming device that they could, one day, be easily developed into a “dynamic” type Website.

A “Static Website” is also called “Showcase” site because it allows you to display your services and products. It is equipped with a “Link Device” that lets the customers to communicate with the Website owner (you.)


Dynamic website building

Our Customers frequently ask questions like: “May I manage my Website contents myself? – Can you create a Website that I can interact with?

Obviously we answer: – It is our Specialty! It is what we do best!

Our goal is making our customers self-sufficient and let them easily and quickly understand how to interface and use the Website.

The procedure is made easy as we use the advanced PHP and MYSQL Systems. These systems make the Website content understandable and easily manageable as the customer modifies it on his own.


Base website

“Showcase” website creation:

It would have:

  • Minimum 5 pages: home-page, who we are, service page 1, service page 2, contacts
  • Domain registering + one year server space granted
  • Use of SEO techniques to optimize search engines work

Website with control panel

Self managing Internet Site

  • Customized original graphics
  • Minimum of 7 pages: Home-page, who we are, service page 1 to 3, contacts module, extra pages as required
  • Domain Registering + one year server space granted
  • Use of SEO techniques to optimize search engines works

Ecommerce website

E-commerce website

  • Original and customized graphic
  • E-commerce software with con shopping card
  • Domain registering and server space for one year
  • 1 language (possible to adding more)
  • several method of paymeng (paypal, check, money transfer etc..)
  • products catalog and single product page (1 a 6 uploadable images and description)
  • Static pages like: home, who we are, contacts

Self managing internet website

(website built with CMS)

“CMS” is an acronym that stands for “Content Management Sys.” It is a standard tool utilized by many. It defines those programs that allows users to build Websites endowed with a “Administrator Interface.” This interface would allow a website self-managing without knowing the sophisticated “Program Language” that has originated it.

The CMS tools allow a program manager to save time as he builds up a “Self-Managed” Website. Without such tools the time required for the construction would be really much, with a great impact on the final cost to the customer.


Accounting studio Liahona service

Accounting Company Website

To perform this project we used a “Joomla CMS” tool equipped with an “Administration Panel” that allows the customers to be completely self-sufficient as he manages his Website’s contents.

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websites buildling work health

Website equipped with an admin panel

Italian cooking courses with tours in the main historical Puglia towns (Italy). Web site with Control panel and connection to paypal for credit card payment

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Organic farm website

Ecommerce website. Biological cultivation products sale.

This website was made by the use of “CMS ecommerce open-cart”. The website allows your costumers to buy your goods online; besides that it allows your costumers to view your goods split by categories.

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Seo and positioning

It’s critical to optimize your website to the search engine. You need that to allow your website more visibility; so, you would have more visitors than more sells an a consequent increments of profits.

There are two groups of tools to optimize your site:

Internal optimizing

Over the years we acquired the necessary knowledge to have the website we made to reach a good rank on the mostly known search engine. Together with the costumer we will select the keywords mostly related to  your business. After that we will proceed with an accurate analysis of the major competitors to evaluate their strengths and weakness. Than we will apply the good research criteria to your site.

SEO are not the only tools critical for a website promotion; they are only internal modification. There’s more to do, we’ll be shown furtherly.


Exterior site application

We create your “social network profile” (your facebook fan page, as well as Twitter and linkedIn. Your facebook fan page will be connected automatically to your website.

We create “description articles” for article marketing directories optimized to the search engine. They will be included in global marketing article directories, each one of whom would have a link to your website.

It would better promote your business spreading the voice on the line.

The biggest and most important company directories will have a link to your website.

We can provide different estimates according to the number of directories you want to be attached.



As a part of our “Web Marketing Strategies” we propose an effective Payonclic campaign. Base on the budget available at the moment we set up advertisement projects as they are offered by “Google Adwords”. This way you’ll have your Website easily and frequently targeted and visited by customers interested on you products.

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